A new video is said to show Kate and William at Windsor Farm, but netizens are raising doubts: 'There is no way this could be her'

A new video obtained by TMZ shows Kate Middleton walking with Prince William. Reports of Kate visiting a local farm, which initially raised eyebrows because it wasn't filmed, are now backed up by this video. However, many social media users expressed doubts about whether or not the woman seen in the video was actually her.

A new video reportedly shows Kate and William at Windsor Farm, but netizens are raising doubts (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File)(AP)

Kate and William were spotted visiting a business just a mile from their home in Windsor – Windsor Farm Shop. Onlookers reportedly thought she looked “happy, relaxed and healthy.” Their three children were not with them.

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Among those who believe it is not Kate in the video is Andy Cohen, who wrote in a post on X, “This is not Kate…”

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This alleged sighting is the first following concerns over Kate's absence from the public eye and controversy over an “edited” Mother's Day photo. I recently underwent abdominal surgery. Amid the row over the photos, friends of the Princess of Wales told Britain's Sunday Times that she was “devastated” by the furore, and is now considering revealing more details.

When the palace announced Kate's surgery last January, it said it hoped personal information about her health would remain private. “It's not that they (Kate and William) didn't think there would be a lot of speculation and attention, but they were confident that people would give them the space they asked for, which they did for about a month,” a friend said. on time.

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“It's impossible for this to be her.”

Now, after Kate was reported to have been seen at Windsor Farm, many have raised questions about the authenticity of the video. In the comments section of the video shared by Pop Base, one user wrote: “I'm not a conspiracy theorist but this doesn't look like Kate…” One user said: “That's not her,” while another wrote: “That's not her.” Not hers. Higher cheekbones, different smile, different gait, slimmer build. Double hull.”

“I'm not into the royal family but that's not her,” one user said, while another wrote: “It's like she walks around in public like this but can't do a quick interview or proof of life video. If you think this is her, you're in denial.” “I'm not really upset but this is definitely not her, she looks completely different??” one wrote. “This video was edited or they found Kate's body double because there's no way this could be her,” another wrote.

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