A housing estate is to be built on the site of a former concentration camp. In 1940-45 there was a stalag for the soldiers of the Wresnya and Warsaw Uprisings.

A housing estate is planned on the site of a former concentration camp at Bad Sulza between Leipzig and Erfurt. This is the idea of ​​one of the investors who wants to organize apartments in the main building and build single-family houses in the remaining area.

German historian: Germans wanted to enslave and kill Poles and destroy culture

The Germans wanted not only to loot Poland, but also to enslave and kill its people and destroy its culture – he says in an interview for the Saturday edition.

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– The so-called Bad Sulza concentration camp was one of the earliest concentration camps and a direct predecessor of Buchenwald, Jens-Christian Wagner, director of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorial Foundation, quotes the evangelisch.de portal.

He said that Hitler’s crimes were a “detail”. Even the Germans were outraged

As the expert explains, for many of the 850 prisoners held at the site, it was the first stop on a long road of pain through successive camps and harsh prisons.

The German media is alarmed, but one side of the story is silent

In 1933-37, Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Hitler’s political opponents, including members of the Thuringian parliament, were imprisoned in Bad-Sulsa. After the German invasion of Poland, the camp was designed for prisoners of war: the soldiers of Wresznia, then the Warsaw Uprising. Soldiers from other countries were also confined here.

They destroy the last traces of war crimes. Have Germans come to terms with the past?

When the German media reported on plans to build a housing estate, they recalled only the first part of the camp’s history after 1939, when a total of about 50,000 people stayed at Bad Sulza. Prisoners. As early as 1940, Hitler issued a decree to recruit Polish privateers and non-commissioned officers as forced labor for the benefit of the German economy.

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Although much of the camp’s main building burned down at the end of the war, Nazi-era walls and equipment have been preserved on the ground floor and basement: beds, iron doors and bars on windows. The original pavement and elements of the fence have also been preserved at KL Bat Sulsa.

Compensations and manipulations. Yes, the Germans are lying to the world

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