A great victory for the Ukrainians. They attacked one of the largest Russian factories [WIDEO]

Earlier on Wednesday, the governors of three Russian regions – Kursk, Belgorod and Voronezh – attacked drone attacks at night, including: on military airports and fuel bases. According to officials, most of the drones were destroyed. There were reports on social media that a fuel tank had been hit and a fire had broken out at the Zheleznogorsk plant.

The Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant located in the city is one of Russia's largest iron ore processing plants, Reuters emphasized.

In recent months, the number of drone attacks against military, industrial and technological targets in Russia has increased significantly. Moscow blames Kiev for these actions.

Independent experts insist that drone strikes, at least some of which have been conducted from Russian territory, are aimed at objects increasingly distant from Ukraine. For example, on January 21, a liquefied gas terminal in Ust-Luka in the Baltic Sea near the border with Estonia was attacked.

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