A firm “no” from the church. Here are songs banned at weddings and funerals

Long gone are the days when “Ave Maria” was the only song associated with a church wedding. Young people are more and more creative, and priests often allow themselves to stray from tradition. Will the announcement of the Warsaw-Prague Diocesan Church Music Committee change this?

The website Wedding.pl has created a list of 10 best songs and hymns for entering the church. First he put on the aforementioned “Ave Maria,” but performed by … Beyonce. Josh Corban’s “You Raise Me Up”, “Time to Say Goodbye” and Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Air on a G String” were also high.

“Classical music is the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony in a church” – we can read in the article “How to choose a wedding music in a church?” On the website slubnaglowie.pl.

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They appealed to priests and newlyweds

Meanwhile, as we read in the PAP press release, the Church Music Commission of the Warsaw-Prague Diocese has called for strict rules to be followed during a church wedding.

“During liturgy, secular music cannot be performed. Music in liturgy is not its ‘structure’, but is integral to the celebration of secular rites” – wrote the appeal to priests, organists and those responsible for music in churches. .

“You can often encounter an inappropriate approach to the liturgical and musical norms prevailing in the church,” the magazine’s creators estimate – not only during weddings, but also at funerals.

Songs are prohibited at weddings and funerals

The creators of the appeal also emphasized that “under no circumstances can secular music be performed during the liturgy.” Thus, they significantly reduced the list of possible songs.

One particular solution, however, is to perform a secular part when leaving the church – after the liturgy is over.

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