A fire broke out in the Grand Chetun Plaza shopping center in Moscow. The minister who arrived at the scene suffered a heart attack [NAGRANIA]

The fire spread to the first floor of the mall and then quickly spread to the next four floors. Three of the five possible threat rankings were initially assigned to the fire. Because there were people in the business center, then it was elevated to a very high level.

The fire spread over an area of ​​one thousand square meters and engulfed the rooms from the first floor to the fourth floor. According to Interfax, the fire spread rapidly through the building due to the high amount of synthetic materials in the building.

125 people were evacuated from the building, two of whom needed medical help, but none posed a threat to their lives. About 200 firefighters were involved in putting out the blaze.

The Moscow prosecutor’s office is investigating the fire. Emergency services spokesman RIA Novosti said the fire may have caused the crash, but other versions are under consideration.

Gen. Sergei ełtow, head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, arrived at the scene. The officer was hospitalized with a heart attack, according to the RIA Novosti agency. He also has signs of poisoning from deep smoke.

This is another such incident in Russia in the last ten weeks. Earlier, there were a series of explosions and fires at Ministry of Defense facilities (including the Military Research Institute in Tver) and at oil depots (including fuel storage facilities near Belgorod and Bryansk). Fire in the Omsk region, where a state of emergency was declared in early May.

proof’s: TASS / Interfax

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