A disgusting photo is going viral on the internet. 6-year-old boy’s death mocked – o2

Over the years, Bradley Lowry has been a symbol of the fight for health. The boy battled cancer – neuroblastoma – almost all his life. In England he is known for his deep affection for Sunderland AFC. The club responded by supporting its young fan.

What’s more, the club’s striker, Jermain Defoe, befriended the boy and his family. Their photos often appeared on the Internet. Sadly, Bradley Lowry’s fight came to a tragic end on July 7, 2017. The boy died in his parents’ arms. The entire English football community mourned the loss of the young fan.

It seemed that such a tragic event would not become subject to fan provocations. Unfortunately, during Friday’s Championship match between Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland AFC, two of the hosts’ “fans” flashed a photo of Bradley Lowery on their phones and taunted their rivals.

The photo went viral on social media. Sheffield United quickly distanced themselves from the abusive behavior of their “fans” by issuing a statement on Wednesday.

The matter quickly went to the dead boy’s family. The mother – Gemma Lowery – decided to address the matter on Facebook. Her words can move anyone.

As confirmed by the Daily Mail, local police are already dealing with the matter. So far, British fans have been able to unofficially determine that the “fans” they’re looking for are the brothers.

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