A breakthrough in nuclear fusion research. This is a big step towards emission-free energy

Fusion is a process in which nuclei collide with each other and undergo fusion to release energy. This reaction also occurs in the sun. However, to extract energy from the compound, it must be heated gas Hydrogen is composed of two isotopes, deuterium and tritium, c temperature 150 million degrees Celsius, which is 10 times hotter than the core of the Sun. One way to achieve such conditions is the magnetic confinement method Plasma.

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Nuclear fusion for the first time with energy gain

Since the 1950s, scientists and engineers have been trying to use the nuclear fusion reaction, which would allow the energy obtained in this way to be used in future power plants. In Sunday December 11 “Financial Times” informed about turning point In research. This has also been confirmed by television sources CNN.

According to three anonymous informants during a survey conducted two weeks ago Experiment At Lawrence National Laboratory in Livermore, California, an amazing discovery was made.

The Financial Times reports that about 2.5 megajoules of energy were produced, which is 120 percent of the 2.1 megajoules of energy used by power-generating lasers. These are the preliminary results of the analysis, but if the data is confirmed, it will be the first time in history that it will be profitable Energetic.

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Won’t Nuclear Fusion Save the Energy Industry?

– This result is miles away from the actual energy gain required for energy production Electricity. So, we can say it’s a scientific victory, but it’s a long way from providing usable energy, chilling the mood, said Tony Rulestone, from the University of Cambridge’s engineering department, in an interview with CNN.

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Despite this, US Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Undersecretary for Nuclear Security Jill Hruby have already announced that they will announce a “major scientific breakthrough” at a special conference on December 13. However, it is not known whether it will be a conference on nuclear fusion, as no state media has confirmed the media reports and has not presented the specific topic of the conference.

Nuclear Fusion – What are the benefits?

Obtaining energy through nuclear fusion is a great opportunity for the global energy sector. This solution is missing CO2 emissions and radioactive waste. It can also use less resources FuelLong lasting. Fusion requires deuterium, which can be extracted from water, and tritium, produced from lithium and found in the Earth’s crust. So the amount of fuel is enough for several million years.

Additionally, the energy efficiency of nuclear fusion is high, as one kilogram of fusion fuel can provide the equivalent of 10 million kilograms of energy. Fossil fuel.

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