A Baldur’s Gate 3 player regrets not using critical boosts for fear of story repercussions

published: 2023-10-02T12:19:40

Updated: 2023-10-02T12:19:53

Many Baldur’s Gate 3 players choose to avoid adding more tadpoles to their brains, but one fan shared how they regretted making that decision – and highlighted the stat boosts you’re missing with little repercussions.

Although players can do almost anything in Baldur’s Gate 3, there are some instances where your choices feel very limited. One such situation is choosing whether you accept more tadpoles into your brain or whether you avoid them altogether.

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Adding more tadpoles will give the player some very good power-ups, but many of them refuse to participate, fearing that the ending will be directly affected. However, one player expressed regret about this choice, explaining the real ramifications of this crucial decision.

Baldur’s Gate 3 player shares the real-life ramifications of using tadpoles

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Posting on RedditOne user shared how they “saved all my tadpoles because I thought to myself why would I insert more tadpoles into my mind if I was in desperate need of a cure so I didn’t do it.” Naturally, many other players feel the same way, They often wonder why they might be making the situation worse while searching for treatment.

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However, the user then explained that “132 hours after finishing the game: It didn’t even affect the plot and I missed a cool feature.”

By sharing their frustration and remorse with the Baldur’s Gate 3 Reddit, it was clear that the entire community understood their plight.

Some have criticized BG3, stating how “the game does a really good job of scaring you out of using tadpoles early on for some reason. I wish this choice had more of an impact on the game outside of not having to make a Wisdom check at some point along the way.” “

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Others expressed shock about the decision, including a major choice made at the end of Chapter 2: “Yes, I was very surprised that the partial Illitidian thing didn’t have more consequences.”

While most shared their surprise, others chose to give in to the temptation of the Tadpole and shared the power of that decision with the community: “I’m glad I didn’t do that because I found the powers useful, especially Cull the Weak, Psionic Backlash, Luck of Distant Realms and Magic.”

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Powers like these can be very useful in boss battles, but it’s understandable to see many players shocked that the choice doesn’t make a difference to the narrative.

Choosing not to put more tadpoles into your characters’ brains is something many players have done, but now it seems more players will opt for the power after realizing it has very few repercussions.

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