64% movement speed that sums up Diablo 4 Season 4

I’ve been on a few Roller coaster ride With Diablo 4 Season 4 since its launch just under a week ago. But as I sit and stare at my level 99 character, who has already surpassed how far I’ve gotten in the entirety of Season 3, I’m thinking yes, this went well.

I was impressed by the changes to Rankings and Helltides that you can see right away in the game, even if releveling those early levels is still annoying. But then I hit a swing so hard that I was blasting everything I could find for 48 hours or so, which made it feel like the difficulty curve had gone a little off the rails.

Now, deeper into the endgame, I encounter subsequent walls of challenge as I crawl through 75 nightmarish dungeons and 35 pits. I’m no pro, but this is already deeper than I got to near the end of the game, and in my spare time I’ve been soloing Duriel and Andariel.

But the way I can sum up why this season worked so well is… my movement speed is 64%. these:

This is a prime example of why gear hunting is so much fun now. What exactly happened here? Few things:

  • Legendary gear now has the ability to drop one (or sometimes more) boosted stats to 150% of their normal values. That’s what happened with the basic movement speed number up here, which gives him almost 30% right off the bat.
  • Then, with the ability to “soften” items by adding extra perks from a few sets, I had a 1 in 4 chance of applying more movement speed (with some rerolls) for an additional 13%.
  • The blue number is what happens when you master an item four times, where each time you do so, the random stats will jump by 25%. In this case, it was a dodge opportunity, but it could also have been the move speed that would make this item 36% crazier than the base speed. Take it to the limit (which is very expensive) and you will still apply these boosts.
  • Next, the old system, I printed for my Ghostwalker side which gives me another 21% movement speed (which would have been 25%) when unstoppable, which happens a lot. So, this movement speed is about 64% overall, and it could have been more. I actually took off the 12% movement speed charm because it was too overkill.

This is just moving speed, but you know what I mean. You can do this for any item, almost anything you’re looking to take to ridiculous levels. The combination of randomly boosting perks, grinding mastery, and roll-based buffing makes for a great endgame pursuit when none of these things existed before. It’s a really converted loot system and is worth checking out even if it takes a while to get here.

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