49ers news: One GM thinks the 49ers want 2 out of Deebo Samuel’s first round

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer has been at the helm of the Deebo Samuel story all month. Last Friday, he explained how Debo has a problem with his role and how “it affects the football odometer”.

Monday morningBrier said it is not likely that Samuel will be transferred between now and Thursday unless he is moved 49ers They are made an offer they cannot refuse:

I could be wrong, and the reason I affirmed this up front is because I’m not sure how far someone else would want to get it. I just feel, at this point, with how carefully the Niners managed the situation, that it would take a lot of time for them to get away from their place.

How long will that take? One of GM’s rivals told me Sunday that he thought it would likely go to John Lynch with two first-round picks, which would replace the first rounds of 2022 and 23 that the Niners handed out last year to move to Trey Lance to get rid of San Francisco’s Samuel. This is a file Mucheven compared to the other big reception deals in the early parts of this year.

If the 49ers die when substituting the first rounds they lost in the Lance deal, it’s reasonable to assume Samuel is still a Niner after this week unless one of those teams with multiple firsts feels the need to overpay to not miss them in the Samuel sweepstakes.

Two first-round players feel like a stretch, even to the NFL elite. Some have argued that it was too much compensation when the Rams waived it for Galen Ramsey. We all agree that this was true when Seattle sent many of the first rounds to Jamal Adams. But all it takes is one team.

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Miami moved 29, 50, and Day 3 chiefs to Trek Hill. The Raiders had Davante Adams for 22 and 53. If John Lynch softens his stance and turns his order into first and second, that might be all the team needs to pull the trigger on Deebo.

I disagreed with Brier when he said, “The fact remains that you need plan and creativity to get the most out of it,” speaking of Samuel. This undermines what he did earlier in the year before he carried any pregnancy as looking back. Instead, Deebo won as a wide receiver and did so often while still producing big plays.

For this reason, it’s not inconceivable that the NFL teams think of Debo in the same light and know the production you can get out of nowhere. But, again, all it takes is one team.

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