400,000 appealed to Putin. The situation is sad

Russia has been reeling under severe floods for the past few days. The Ural River flooded mainly Russia's Orenburg Region, and the Ishim River, which flows through the Siberian regions of Tyumen and Omsk and northern Kazakhstan, also breached its banks.

The Ural River, whose sources are in the mountains of the same name, bursts its banks along its entire length (2,400 km).. This is the worst flood in Russia's Orenburg region in decades. The president of neighboring Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Togayev, assessed the flooding in his country as the worst in 80 years.

Now about 400,000 have been received from residents of the Orenburg Region Applications for compensation in respect of floods. This was reported to TASS by the news service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. People are writing to Vladimir Putin for his help.

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There are 51 damage assessment commissions in Orenburg. The Ministry of Emergencies has mentioned that all the houses in the flood area will be inspected when the water recedes. More than 150 people are involved in this work.

According to the latest informationOn April 22, in Orsk, the water level in the Urals dropped by 16 cm per day to 494 cm, in Orenburg – by 65 cm and 941 cm.

The cause of the floods was primarily the sudden arrival of a warm spring, which quickly melted large amounts of winter snow and quickly filled the rivers. Due to this, surrounding villages and towns are flooded. The situation is difficult.

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