2024 NFL free agency: All 32 teams sorted by offseason 'win' chances via draft, signings and trades

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NFL Championships are not won in the off-season. But the establish For tournaments definitely put. There are rare cases of teams going “all in” and lifting the ultimate prize as a result. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did it with Tom Brady and the Los Angeles Rams did it with Matthew Stafford. But even the most enduring title contenders — the dynasties of the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, for example — are drafting and developing And Great swing to help the veteran.

So which teams are best suited to make noise during the 2024 season? Well, the first step to “winning” this holiday season is setting expectations. Here, we're looking to rank all 32 teams into one of five difficulty levels – Contenders Sitting Beautiful, Contenders with Questions, Contenders with Resources, Rebuilders on the Hill, and Peddlers in Purgatory. That way, when the wave of signings, trades, and draft picks unfolds, we can get back to the 32-team rankings and rankings activity inside Expectations.

So join us now as we venture into the offseason, identifying the clubs that appear to have the quickest path to success:

The competitors are sitting beautifully

Contestants with questions

Rebuilding with resources

Uphill climbers

Hand sanitizer peddlers

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