2022 NFL Winners and Losers: Jets, Ravens, Eagles Get Best, Bumpy Road for Patriots, Baker Mayfield

The 2022 NFL Draft is coming to a close, and it was one of the books. Las Vegas saw NFL records shattered, multiple receivers were traded wide in the first round and quarterbacks suffered historic downfalls in the third round. There were also punters who were drafted as soon as the fourth round!

There were winners and losers. Some front desks are celebrating their draws while other players are becoming more nervous about their place in the depth chart thanks to their team’s dealings this weekend. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s break down the winners and losers from the 2022 NFL Draft (Check out our tracker for every pick with scores and analysis here).

General Manager Joe Douglas squashed this draft. Jets landed in the back corner Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner fourth overall, then an Ohio-level receiver. Garrett Wilson In tenth place, they were seen by many as the best players in their positions, and both would be players with instant impact. However, the Jets were not finished there, as they traded back in the first round to pick Jermaine Johnson, the Florida state pass-maker. This was a dummy player for the draft experts in the top ten, some of them in the top five. As he continued his mysterious fall into the blackened panels, the Jets couldn’t help but squeeze in at the end of the round to pick him up. New York scored what might be the top three players on the first day!

The Jets also made a bunch of other interesting selections. They took the former Iowa running back Press Hall In the second round, who may be No. 1 again in this category, then Ohio State tight end Jeremy Ruckert In the third round, which some consider the tight higher end in this draft category.

Loser: Rising midfielder

Most mock drafts had at least two quarterbacks selected in the first round. When Thursday night came, we only saw one national team midfielder in the opening round Kenny Beckett to me Pittsburgh Steelers At number 20 in general. The next quarterback didn’t come until the third round in 74th overall, as Desmond Reader went to Atlanta Falcons. Dozens of shots later, Malik Willis went to Tennessee Titansand then Matt Coral picked by Carolina Panthers.

To put all of this in perspective, there was only one quarterback player in the first 50 picks. This is only the sixth time in the Common Draft era to occur, and the first time since 2000. 54 picks have been made since the first quarterback was selected, making it the second-highest number of picks among the first quarterbacks to be selected. The record was set in 1975, when 63 picks elapsed from the first caller to the second. In all, nine quarterbacks were selected, with five coming on day three.

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Winner: University of Georgia

Dawg year. Georgia won the College Football Championship this past season thanks to one of the best defenses in college football history, and they were well represented in the NFL draft. UGA had five defensive players drafted in the first round – including the #1 overall pick Travon Walker – It is the largest school in NFL history. Other defenders were drafted in the third round, which set another record with the most defensive players selected from one school in the first three rounds of any NFL draft.

In all, 15 players from Georgia were selected for the 2022 NFL Draft. This is also an NFL draft record.

It was thought that maybe Mayfield could be moved during the NFL Draft depending on teams in need of a missed quarterback. The Panthers were the favorites to land on Mayfield, with NFL Media reporting that they and Cleveland Browns king keep discussing potential trade-off. Instead of trading for Mayfield, the Panthers traded in the third round and picked former Ole Miss signal caller Matt Corral with the 94th overall pick.

Mayfield had been waiting for a deal for over a month, with Brown winning Deshaun Watson The lottery earlier this off season. Mayfield is worth $18.85 million in 2022, and Brown probably now realize they’re going to have to eat some of that money. Then, there is also the question of compensation.

Who wants Mayfield? Probably Detroit Lions?

The Eagles were a big winner in the 2022 NFL Draft. On opening night, they were traded against the Titans away from the superstars. AJ Brownand awarded him a four-year, $100 million deal that includes a guaranteed $57 million, per ESPN. The Eagles were expected to be in the mix for a wide receiver in the first round, but after trading with Brown, Howie Rosman turned his attention to defense, drafting a 6-foot-6, 340-pound defensive tackle. Jordan Davis outside Georgia. Football run against him and Fletcher Cox It would be almost impossible.

Philly didn’t end there. In the second round a man stole the offensive line from Nebraska Cam Jurgenswhich is going to be Jason Kelsey Caliph at some point. Next, the Eagles scored what might be a draft steal at the Georgia full back Nakobe Din. The first-round talent slipped to 83rd overall due to reports of chest strain that some believe may require surgery. However, it is expected that a Full participant in OTAs next week!

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Every year, talented prospects fall for really dumb reasons. There is a high chance for teams to attack themselves for passing on Dean multiple times.

It was a tough weekend for Taneyhill. Not only did he lose the No. 1 wide receiver to AJ Brown, but Tennessee then drafted his potential replacement in Malik Willis. The Liberty signal caller was chosen by the Titans with public pick number 86, much to the delight of Titans fans. Not only is Willis seen as the quarterback in this category with the most upswing, but Tannehill isn’t exactly a fan favorite in Nashville right now. Threw three interceptions in Titans playoff loss to Cincinnati Bengals, undermining the historic performance of the Titans defense. Tannehill is now under some pressure, which is good, hopefully moving forward for Tennessee.

The Ravens clearly had one of the best drafts, and that’s because they’ve captured the best player available so often. Safety of Notre Dame Kyle Hamilton He may be the best player in the Iowa Center project Tyler Linderbaum She is a legal talent of the first degree David Ogabo He’s the first coach if he doesn’t have a torn Achilles. He will probably miss the junior season, but it will be worth it if he is a star for many years to come.

It wasn’t just the first few picks the Ravens scored high on. Fourth round selection Daniel Valle He is a 6-foot-8 attacking tackle and could have a bright future in the league, corner-back Galen Armor Davis It was an “A+” choice and then Baltimore took two narrow ends Charlie Kolar from Iowa and Possible Isaiah From Coastal Carolina. This might sound like a strange strategy, but it’s probably a very versatile pass tool that will likely line up in a few different places.

I don’t think the Ravens had the first draft of any team, but it was definitely one of the best.

The Patriots don’t care about your dummy drafts or what you think of their class, which is somewhat respectable. They shocked the world in the first round by taking attacking Chattanooga goalkeeper Cole Strange with the 29th pick overall. In the second round, New England chose the Baylor Speedster WR Tekwan Thornton — which may have been Bates’ best draft pick, but it is believed he could have been selected in the third round instead.

Another interesting choice is the midfielder Billy Zappy. There’s nothing wrong with drafting the quarterback, and Zappe is a very exciting prospect, but his drafting in the fourth round looked rich.

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Offseason in general has been a disappointment to the Chiefs, as they traded Trek Hill to me Miami Dolphin And they watched all of their competitors improve in a very dramatic way. However, they had one of the best drafts.

Kansas City filled two clear needs in the first round with a corner back Trent McDuffy outside Washington and Bordeaux George Karlavtisthen fell Patrick MahomesNewest receiver in Sky More of Western Michigan in Round 2. While he doesn’t have a hair over 5ft 10, Moore is very fast and a legitimate playmaker from the hole. Some considered him a legitimate first-round talent.

All five Chiefs Picks on Day Three received a grade of B or higher from CBS Sports NFL Draft Expert Chris Trapsow. Kansas City fell against two other top teams in Fayetteville’s Joshua Williams and Jaylene Watson From Washington State, as well as a Kentucky offensive lineman Darian Kennard, which has a lot of pluses. To finish the draft, the chiefs drafted a back-draft Issa Pacheco From Rutgers, another safety in Nazih Johnson from Marshall.

The Chiefs class will be ranked by the top three picks, but they’ve done a great job at Defense Defence – especially the secondary. This was a great distance.

Winner: Gamblers

A total of four punters were taken into the 2022 NFL Draft! Per Jon Breech of CBS SportsThis year marks the second time since 2000 that four gamblers have been selected in the same draft.

Ravens (4th round, pick 130): Jordan StoutPennsylvania state
pirate (Fourth round, pick 133): Jake Camarda, Georgia
Invoices (sixth round, choose 180): Matt ArizaSan Diego State
bear (Round 7, pick 255): Trenton Gill, NC State

Shockingly, Ariza – known as “God’s Punt” – He wasn’t even one of the first two off the board.

This was perhaps the best moment in the NFL draft. As we get past the first round, several team legends, current players and fans have the opportunity to announce some selections. For the Vikings, former linebacker Ed Marinaro was chosen to announce the 42nd overall pick. What happened next was amazing.

Marinaro started walking around the podium, and the producer actually had to come out and push him. Wonderful.

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