2022 NFL schedule leaks, rumors: Tracking Detroit Lions games, dates

The Detroit Lions The rest of the NFL will release the entire 2022 schedule at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday night. But over the course of the day, several games will be leaking along the way, allowing us to slowly build the schedule ahead of the official release. That’s what this post is.

We already know 17 opponents lions will face this year. This pot is put through a fairly standard process. This year, the Lions will play their six regular matches at the divisional level, every team will play in the NFC East, and every team will play in the East Asian region. In addition, they have an additional home game against an AFC rival (Jaguar) thanks to a recent move to the 17-match table.

As a reminder, here are their home and away opponents for the 2022 season.

home opponents: bear, Packersvikings, eagles, leaders, bills, dolphinsAnd SeahawksJaguar
Remote opponents: Bears, packs, vikings, cowboys, giants, patriots, planes, panthers

We’ll be adding the rumors to the tracker below as they arrive, so stay here and keep this update button pressed until 8PM ET.

Note: There will be a lot of false rumors circulating in the next 12 hours, so we will only add rumors from trusted Sources we track.

Lions table to track rumors

Timetable so far:

week 1 – Against the Eagles – 1pm ET
week 2 –
the third week
fourth week
The fifth week At the Patriots – 1 p.m. ET
the sixth week
Seventh week
The eighth week –
ninth week
Week 10 – in beers
week 11
week 12 – Against the Bills – 12:30pm ET – CBS (Thanksgiving)
Week 13 –
Fourteenth week
Fifteenth week
week 16 –
week 17 – against bears
Eighteenth week – At Packers

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