120,000 will come to Belarus. Russian soldiers. “Lukashenka is preparing for war”

Belarusian politician and diplomat Pavel Latushka made the announcement via social media. Alyaksandr Lukashenka agreed to station 120,000 Russian soldiers in Belarus. During the period from November this year to February 2023.

“Belarus pledges to provide an additional 100,000 mobilized soldiers. Lukashenka is preparing for a full-scale war“- reads the opposition politician’s entry.

Earlier in the day, we reported that the air base in Moczuliszcze (Minsk Region) had opened An unannounced test on “Combat and Mobilization Readiness”.. The Ministry of National Defense of Belarus informed about the exercises. These measures will continue till next month, the notice said.

The ministry announced that the test will cover issues such as recruiting and updating the skills of conscripts, as well as extracting military equipment from warehouses and verifying its fitness for battle.

On the other hand, an independent Belarusian journalist, Hanna Liupakova, reported on other disturbing movements in Belarus. According to railway employees Preparations are underway there to create another front in the struggle against Ukraine – from the side of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. As indicated, the railways are building facilities to receive and transport Russian military equipment.

Belarus’s support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been ongoing since the beginning of the war. The first signals in this regard came during the invasion of Kiev, when Russian soldiers entered the city from the Belarus-Ukraine border. And in the following months of the war, British intelligence reported this Missiles fired from Belarus towards Ukraine.

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