Ze³enski appeals for energy savings and complains to local authorities World news

– There are severe power outages in most of Ukraine and Kiev tonight. More than 6 million consumers are currently without power. In Kiev alone, he says, there are about 600 families without it President. The situation is also difficult in Odessa, Lviv, Vinnitsa and Dnipropetrovsk.

Zelensky calls for energy conservation and criticizes local governments

– I ask all regions to save electricity, as before – appeals Volodymyr Ze³enski.

Reminiscent of the so-called fixed points located throughout the country. However, he admits that “unfortunately, not in all cities, local governments have prepared these points”, e.g. In Kiev itself.

– In total, there are already more than four thousand points throughout Ukraine, and it is the responsibility of each local leader to actually make everything available to the people – emphasizes the President.

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Endurance Points have all the basic facilities: electricity, network Cellular and Internet, Heating, Water, first aid kit. Ukrainians can get all this for free.

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