World leaders ignore Putin. The record was broken

The independent portal cited information on the Kremlin website as saying that the leaders of Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, South Africa and Turkey had congratulated Putin by phone. A willing telegram was sent by the leaders of Armenia, Belarus, North Korea, Nicaragua and Tajikistan. Wiorstka reported that the Kremlin’s usual greetings by foreign leaders on Putin’s birthday will be issued on the afternoon of October 7.

Vierstka notes that in 2012, politicians from practically all over the world sent congratulations to the Kremlin’s host. In 2021, he recalls, the Kremlin named 11 leaders who congratulated Putin by telephone on his birthday, and nine who occasionally sent telegrams. They included, among others, the presidents or heads of government of China, Israel, Japan and Serbia.

This year, desires are the lowest number in six years – judges Wiorstka; It explains that the Kremlin has been releasing data since 2017 on which leaders have come to their liking.

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