We are at a turning point in global geopolitics. PM on relations with Czech Republic: Ambiguities have disappeared

On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Prime Minister Petr Fiala participated in a discussion organized during the Economic Forum in Karpacz.

Peter Fiala said in his speech that many European countries realized only after the start of the war that their policy towards Russia had not yet succeeded. Only then did they begin to use the experiences of Central European countries.

He assured that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki now plays a very important role in Europe and that his authority in the EU is of great importance in making decisions, e.g. Regarding Ukraine.

“Our countries must continue to convince our partners in the European Union that we must maintain our support for Ukraine and isolate Russia,” he said. Because what is happening in Ukraine is about us and our future – he said.

Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed that we can exchange “on the same wavelength” with sex on matters of geopolitics. “I think we’re at a turning point in global geopolitics. The voices and arguments of those who have put forward a particular vision of the world today in a coherent way and are right in confronting what happened.” – he argued.

He recalled that we have warned more than once against the consequences of Russian policy.

“This consistency is fundamental in our statements and I want to thank you, Petr. There were some ambiguities between our countries, but as soon as Prime Minister Fiala entered the portfolio, they simply disappeared. Today we focus on the most important, which is effective support for Ukraine

– stressed the head of the Polish government.

Aid to Ukraine today is not just military and humanitarian aid, he argued. Very important – the Prime Minister said – financial assistance to Ukraine, so that there is no “explosion” in this country. Because I don’t know how Ukrainian society will behave if there is no money there to pay soldiers, guards, nurses or doctors.

Together with the Czech Republic, Morawiecki emphasized that we are putting effective pressure on our partners in Western Europe, especially on the European Commission. Because a certain version of energy policy has been corrupted. Today, on the ruins of that energy policy, we are building a new one, he argued.

Our voice is clearly heard in Brussels today, thanks to the power of Prime Minister Fiely, said the head of the Polish government. Thanks to our unity within the Visegrad Group and with the Baltic states of Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia, “the voice of Central Europe is greater than it was five or ten years ago.” “I would like to thank the Prime Minister and the Czech Republic for this change in geopolitics,” stressed Prime Minister Morawiecki.

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Source: niezalezna.pl, PAP

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