War Russia – Ukraine. Live Broadcast – December 6, 2022

Russia may seek a way out of the war with Ukraine without a peace deal; U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, warned that if the Kremlin tried to lead to such a situation, it would be dictated by its desire to regroup its forces for another attack.

“Until Russia shows that it is interested in real diplomacy, it cannot back down. We need to see a just and lasting peace, not a sham.”

– At some point it will end. It will almost always end through diplomacy, through negotiation. But what we need to see is sustainable peace, not fake peace. If the Russians fail to make the Ukrainians surrender, they will not do it, because the resistance of the Ukrainians is extraordinary, they are fighting for their land, for their country, for their homeland, for their future, the Russians. – No – that’s the biggest difference,” said Blinken.

As he estimated, “One can imagine that the Russians would try to bring about a false ceasefire: cease hostilities, leave everything as it is, freeze the conflict, never negotiate for the territory they occupy. They still control.” According to him, Russia’s strategy will be: “Breathe, regroup, strike again.”

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