War in Ukraine. Unofficial: Vladimir Putin’s limousine under attack

Vladimir Putin’s limousine may have been hit – results from unconfirmed information provided by a Kremlin informant. His account shows that “thick smoke”, Before the front wheel comes out on the driver’s side “loud thunder”.

The car with the most important passengers left immediately for a safe place, A The head of state was not injured – says a source close to the leader. However, Fr. A wave of arrests in the ranks of the security services After the incident.

Some of Putin’s inner circle of bodyguards are said to have “disappeared” following a purported statement. Secret information about the 69-year-old president’s travel plans has been leaked.

Anti-Kremlin channel “General SVR” In Telegram, maybe headed Former lieutenant of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service with the pseudonym “Viktor Mikhailovich”says that Vladimir Putin was about to return to his official residence In additional vehicle column due to security reasons.

A “spare” car column formation usually does not attract the same attention as the main cavalcade and consists of Five armored vehiclesIt contains a protected person “- we read in the post on Telegram. The President is going to drive a third car.

“On the way to the settlement, a few kilometers away, The first escort car was blocked by an ambulanceAnd the other car went over the barrier without stopping. During the blockade tour, in the third vehicle in which Putin sat, There was a loud bang from the left front wheel, then a thick plume of smoke began to rise“- reports the creator of the “GeneraƂ SVR” channel.

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Later in the post, the author says the car, with the president inside, continued in the lane behind the lead car, despite problems with control. “Even if he had to slow down, The column, except for the first car which had been intercepted earlier, had reached its destination“- added.

Then – according to the informant’s account – The body of the ambulance driver was foundThis blocked the first car of the column. An anti-Kremlin source said the investigation into the incident and all information about it were classified Insiders have warned of the liability of spreading them.

The president’s security chief and others have been suspended and detained. Only a small circle of people from the column knew about the path of the president. All of them belong to the security wing of the head of state. After the incident, three of them should be “missing” – the same people who drove the first car.

Their fate is currently unknown and the car they were traveling in has been located A few kilometers from the scene.

On Facebook for the past few days Violent counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces in the east of the countryThere are more and more reports of calls from Russian officials to Putin on the matter Resignation. Ukrainian troops recaptured a large part of the territory previously captured by the aggressor, forcing the Russian army to do so. A hasty retreat.

The latest information from the front speaks of the withdrawal of the Russians from the main city of the Southern Zaporizhia region. Melitopol And their way to an annexed Crimea, that is A humiliating blow to the Kremlin.

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