War in Ukraine. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal on arms supplies from the West: We need a change in philosophy

Denis Smihal, head of the Ukrainian government, said in an interview with the German DPA agency that the “philosophy of arms distribution must be changed.” He called for delivery of modern German Panther 2 tanks and American Abrams to Ukraine.

Prime Minister Ukraine Denis Smihal, who arrives in Berlin to meet with Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Sunday, said in an interview with a German company published on Friday that “the philosophy of arms distribution must be changed”. “By that I mean: modern battle tanks should also be provided,” he added.

“We expect the Americans to give us the Abrams GermanWe will get Leopard 2 tanks, these are modern tanks, which Ukraine needs on the battlefield – Smihal said.

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For President Olaf Scholes, the direct delivery of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles remains a taboo subject, the DPA said.

The Ukrainian politician recalled that at the beginning of the war, Germany provided only protective equipment and helmets, but now also modern weapons. “Our desire is to get more weapons and equipment as soon as possible,” he added.

Smihal: I don’t think you can get tired of fighting for freedom

The Prime Minister of Ukraine also discussed the Iris-T type air defense system. The German government agreed to supply four pieces of this equipment. According to Smihal, Ukraine needs 12, three times more than Berlin offered.

The head of the Ukrainian government also has high hopes for financial aid. “We expect President Scholes to take a leading role in terms of additional assistance from the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission. Without international support for the Ukrainian economy, there is a risk of hyperinflation,” he said.

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Denis Smihal during the international conference of donors for Ukraine in Warsawtwitter.com/Denys_Shmyhal

Smihal appealed to the German people not to forget the war in Ukraine, despite all their own problems related to its consequences.

“We defend freedom. I think you can never get tired of fighting for freedom,” he said. “We are all targets of this regime,” he added.

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