War in Ukraine. Sergei Lavrov has trouble coming to Serbia

Three neighboring countries: Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria And Montenegro The Russian government has banned the plane from flying over its territory. “The arrival of Sergei Lavrov is uncertain“- The magazine estimates.

When asked by the Russian Foreign Ministry whether Lavrov’s visit had been canceled, the Russian company Interfax said: “Our diplomacy does not yet have the ability to teleport“.

According to the announcement Lavrov was scheduled to meet with Serbian President Alexander Vucci on Monday.

In late May, Vuczić announced that he had agreed to a three-year agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the supply of gas from Russia. Wushich added He spoke with Putin about expanding gas storage facilities. According to Kremlin, the conversation was about the situation in Ukraine and Kosovo.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. In response, the EU accepted sanctions and added Putin and Lavrov to its list of persons subject to property freeze in the EU. Lavrov, as head of diplomacy, was allowed to go to the EU.

Live coverage of events in Ukraine

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