War in Ukraine. Mass graves at Isium after the liberation of the city

takes A successful counterattack by the Ukrainians In the Kharkiv region, so began Recapture of Liberated Territories in the region and found out what the Russians were doing They left In previously occupied territories.

A mass grave was discovered in liberated Isium, It has about 440 tombs – Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Oblast Police Serhiy Bolvinov in an interview with Sky News, Kyiv Independent reported. Clark said Buried separately in temporary graves The bodies are dug up and taken away from their resting places Forensic tests.

According to Ukrinform Agency, he also mentioned this matter President Volodymyr Zelensky. Ukrainian and foreign journalists will arrive on Friday, he said.

– We want the world to know What is really happening and what led to the Russian aggression – Zelensky emphasized. – Bucha, Mariupol, now Isium unfortunately. Russia leaves death everywhere. And she has to take responsibility for it. The world must pull Russia Real responsibility for this war – added.

– Eternal memory for all The aggressors took their lives! Eternal glory to all Fighting for Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! The President said.

Also, the Government Ambulance Service said that five youths were found He was imprisoned for a week in a cellar In the Kharkiv region after they were forced to surrender “Filter Media” by the Russian invaders. They are children aged 15 to 17 years. According to the portal Zasbilne, it came from the regions of Kubiansk, Izjum and Suhuzhov.

Alarming signals are also coming from the Ukrainian government. Yevheni Zhenin, deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said on Thursday that in the territories of Kharkiv Oblast liberated from Russian occupation, The Russian military detained and mistreated Ukrainians and foreigners.

One of these places was in Palaglia. The Ministry of Internal Affairs received yet unconfirmed information about a similar location in Volsansk. “People were tortured there, especially – electric” – said the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, quoted by the Ukrainian Pravda portal. As he described it, people were detained “In a completely inhuman condition”.

Jenin reported that they were among those captured by the Russians Students from one of the Asian countries, He wanted to go to areas controlled by the Ukrainian army. However, they stayed – he recounted – “Unlawfully Detained and Tortured by Russian Military Authorities.”

“All these clues War crimes We are now documenting properly. The experience with Buksa shows that it is very scary “Crimes are discovered only after some time.” – said the Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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