War in Ukraine. Irish President’s wife Sabina Higgins has written a letter about Ukraine. The Russian ambassador praises him, saying he is “sensational”.

President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins’ wife, Sabina Higgins, has been battling accusations of pro-Kremlin bias after calling on Ukraine to “agree to and negotiate a ceasefire” with Russia, Politico reported.

Sabina Higgins’ ‘Call This Week’ appeared on the Irish Times listings page, featuring only her name and Dublin postcode, the Politico website reported. Initially, the letter escaped public attention. However, Russian Ambassador V. Ireland President of Ireland Michael D. Yuri Filatov said the letter from Higgins’ wife was “meaningful” and in line with Russia’s goals.

The diplomat said Higgins was “suggesting that we end everything as soon as possible”, and this reflected Moscow’s view against a “proxy war”. America and NATO. “” She was against war. We are all against the war” – Filatov said in an interview with the Irish Times.

As Politico wrote, although the president did not directly support Moscow’s view of current events, he placed equal responsibility for ending the war on the shoulders of presidents. Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky. she called Ukraine “To agree to a cease-fire and negotiations” with Russia.

He also praised historian Geoffrey Roberts’ assessment that NATO was “arming a losing war” and that Ukraine should agree to cede territory seized by Russia. Roberts also wrote, “If Ukraine does not agree to demilitarization and abandon any ambitions to join NATO, there will be no peace or even a ceasefire,” and Higgins called his comments “deeply caring and thoughtful.” He ended his letter with an anti-war poem.

Comments on letter from Irish President’s wife. “It’s time to reconsider your position”

As Politico recalls, the first lady has a significant role in representing the country. The government and the president’s office declined to comment on the situation. Behind the scenes, however, government officials are appalled that the office of the president — a head of state who is supposed to avoid divisive political debates — is undermining Ireland’s pro-Ukrainian stance.

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“His letter gives the impression that Ukrainians are at Moscow’s gates,” a state official told Politico. “Totally unfit for her position,” he ruled.

Sabina Higgins’ letter also sparked other ideas. “While the Russian ambassador appreciates your view on the Ukrainian invasion, it is time to reconsider your position,” said John McCahon, the ruling Fine Gael (Irish Family) senator.

Dublin lawyer William Quill said: “Other European governments will take note of the Russian ambassador’s praise for our president’s wife.”

Main photo source: EPA / Sergey Ilnitsky

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