War in Ukraine. Former NATO Commander James Stavridis: Unprecedented losses among Russian commanders

Admiral James Stavridis, Europe’s former NATO chief of staff, was quoted in The Hill on Sunday as saying that the casualties among Russian generals due to “immense incompetence” were unprecedented in recent history.

– In modern history there is no situation comparable to the magnitude of the current losses among Russian generals; Not a single American general has been killed in fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan Stavritis pointed out.

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According to reports from the Ukrainian military headquarters and the Ukrainian media, the Russian invasion of Ukraine so far has, among other things, been difficult to confirm. Deputy Commander of the 8th Army div. Jen. Vladimir FrolovDeputy Commander of the 41st Army of the Central Military District, Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Navy Andrei Suzuki, Commander Andrei Polize, div. Jen. Vitaly Gerasimov, General Yakov Resonchev and Col. Sergei SukarevCommander of the Elite 331st Air Force Regiment.

“The Russians have done a terrible job so far.”

Commanders were not the only ones killed Stavridis spoke of the Russian military, pointing to “inadequacy of logistics”, “bad war plan” and “primary loss in the Black Sea”.

– Russians so far Did a terrible job Stavritis said briefly.

Retired Admiral Vladimir Putin has also been accused of unleashing an “illegal invasion of his neighbor and democracy,” in which Russia commits crimes such as “massacring civilians, destroying cities and using rape as a weapon of rape.”

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