War in Ukraine. Conference at Lugano. Volodymyr Zelensky – speech

In Switzerland Lugano Representatives of 40 countries and international organizations met. The conference will be held on Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government is set to outline for the first time its hopes to help rebuild war-torn Ukraine.

The reconstruction of Ukraine after the war was not a local project, but A common task in the entire democratic world – underlined the President Volodymyr Zelensky. As he pointed out, this international conference was “perhaps the first big step of historic importance success Democratic World”.

During his speech, he also mentioned Russia’s strategy. He noted that Moscow was trying to show Europe’s weakness. – Russia is trying to show that Europe cannot defend its values. She wanted to prove she was strong, she said.

Boss also spoke at the conference Ursula van der Leyen of the European Commission. – We are brought here by dreams of a new Ukraine. Not only free, democratic and European, but prosperous, green and rich – he said.

– We have already proposed to the Ukrainian government to establish a special platform to manage the reconstruction of their country. He declared that Ukraine would lead it. He stressed the importance of taking advantage of the advice of the best foreign experts and highly skilled thinkers in the field of construction.

– Ukraine is still bombarded, but we know that nothing is impossible for the citizens of Ukraine – he announced that he will organize together with international partners – together with German Chancellor Olaf Schaals – another conference on the reconstruction work of the war-torn country.

Earlier on Saturday, while announcing the conference, the Ukrainian leader emphasized that it was not only about repairing everything destroyed by the invaders, but “Creating a new basis for the life of Ukrainians“. – a safe, modern, comfortable and unobstructed life,” he explained.

In the Facebook post, he added that it would be required.Huge investments, billions, new technologiesBest Practices, New Investments and Reforms”.

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