War in Ukraine. Analysts at ISW write about Putin’s new doctrine

The US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has published the Russian president’s “victory theory”. Their opinion Russian forces could continue advancing along the front indefinitely. This was intended to prevent Ukraine from launching a successful counter-offensive, thus causing Kiev to lose the war.

War in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s New Success Theory

As ISW insists, the Russian military command is currently achieving Gradual tactical gains. It is, among other things, discreet, large-scale offensive operations. The main goal is to achieve “significant operational advantages through rapid maneuvers”.

Both Vladimir Putin and the Russian people must know that the military must be forced to implement individual operational goals. Months, if not years.

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A protracted war favors Putin’s calculations Because the politician estimates that Russia will occupy any territory. Additionally, Russian forces will have a greater chance of reaching their current declared regional targets.

Putin and the Kremlin on purpose They set no limits to their goals annexation of Ukraine7 and have repeatedly suggested that areas outside Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Luhansk regions are part of Russia. ISW analysts believe it will last War will embolden Putin Set new regional targets.

War in Ukraine. ISW: Armistice would favor Russia

According to ISW “The West plays an important role.

“If Ukraine receives the necessary support, Putin will be forced to change his plans. The war will soon end. Otherwise, the Russian president will dictate the terms and take control of the adjacent Ukrainian cities,” we read in a recent study.

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According to researchers, Putin hopes to convince the West that the current advance of his troops is unattainable in Ukraine and that concessions on territorial integrity and sovereignty are better than total defeat.

The company warns A ceasefire would set a precedent for Russia And Putin may want to step up efforts to dismantle Ukraine altogether.

“A cease-fire would give Russia valuable time to rebuild its military and increase its ammunition stockpile. However, that seems far-fetched as Moscow’s ruler hopes to achieve his goals,” it concluded.

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