Viktor Orban’s secret letter leaked. He presented Putin’s opinion on it

Why is this important?

The Hungarian Prime Minister recently visited Kiev, and soon – Russia, where he spoke with Vladimir Putin. Orban is trying to push for “peace talks” between Russia and Ukraine, which would literally mean Kiev’s capitulation. The Hungarian leader is known for his pro-Kremlin actions and statements, accused of breaking the unity of NATO and the European Union over the Russian attack on Ukraine.

What is included in Viktor Orban’s letter to Brussels

In a letter to EU leaders, Orban stressed that Putin is confident of Russia’s victory in the war with Ukraine. The Hungarian prime minister said that Kiev and Moscow are ready for talks, but only if representatives of the two warring countries sit at the table. Radio Svoboda, which revealed the content of the letter, said in the document that Viktor Orban only mentioned Volodymyr Zelensky’s position on the peace talks, but he had already detailed Vladimir Putin’s point of view.

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