Vice President of NATO on the situation in Moldova and the potential threat from Russia

At present, we do not see a direct threat of a Russian invasion of Moldova because the Kremlin does not have sufficient military resources, said NATO’s deputy secretary general. – However, there are various signs of instability, for which we are prepared – he promised.

Deputy General Secretary For this Mircea Geoana Moldovan spoke about the provocations provoked by Russia on TV Moldova 1, which – in his opinion – is particularly “good news coming from Brussels”, ie. On June 23, he was nominated for membership of the European Union in Moldova.

The main hotspot of the region Moldova It is a separatist territory controlled by Russia Transnistria In the east of the country. At the end of April, a series of incidents took place in which he declared himself a “Republican”. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of what is being called the Defense Ministry in Traspole, destroying two radio transmitters, and allegedly “attacking” an army unit and shelling Russian warehouses. According to the Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR), these are provocations by the Kremlin aimed at dragging Transnistria into the ongoing war.

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Giona said the coalition did not see the “direct threat of a Russian invasion of Moldova” at this time. He argued that Moscow did not have adequate military resources. He added that there were various signs of instability and that the coalition was “ready” for it.

In separatist Transnistria, the struggle for service in the Russian military is ongoingVadim Savitsky / Russian Ministry of Defense / DOS

On Thursday, the HUR reported Mass Rebellion Campaign in TransnistriaAimed at forcing men of recruitment age to serve in the Russian military.

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In the town of Copasna in Transnistria, near the border Ukraine, There are about 20-21 thousand tons of ammunition in the post-Soviet arsenal, more than half of which are obsolete. According to experts at the Warsaw Center for Eastern Studies, a potential explosion in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis Russian-controlled warehouse would reach 10 kilotons of TNT explosive power.

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