Very nice to work with. Tiktokerka is not going to work much – o2

Welcher’s TikTok account has more than 10 million likes. Its author is famous for recording videos while driving, drinking iced coffee.

Some time ago, he shared a bold confession with his audience.

I don’t want to work all my life. Do I want to wake up at 6am every day for the next 60 years? No! I’m too cute for that! – Diktokerka said, then sipped her favorite iced coffee.

She hadn’t expected these words to have such an effect. The post went viral very quickly, but not necessarily in a positive way. A wave of hatred poured out of Lucy from the comments.

Try to work 60 hours a week and wake up at 4 am everyday – said one of the netizens.

Or is it time to try and become an adult, not a privileged princess expecting your life to fall at your feet? There was another comment.

However, there were those who agreed that Welcher was right, and they too were tired of the job. Others insist that TikTokerki’s videos are provocative, for example, he sometimes complains that he was born and has to go to school and work.

Interestingly, contrary to assurances on TikTok, the woman posts videos on her profile every day, showing how she puts on makeup on the way to work. From her entries, it can be concluded that she works in a SPA, recently she even got a promotion and instead of folding towels – she will work at the desk.

The movie disappears from the network

School means getting a degree and getting a job and a job. But I don’t want a job because all these jobs are not less. “Please remind me why I’m in school,” he says in the recording.

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