Van der Leyen: We will tighten sanctions and free ourselves from Russian fossil fuels

– Yesterday evening, President (Volodymyr) Zhelensky described the courage of the Ukrainians (Russian troops) who bravely resisted. Behind them is the entire EU. “We will increase our support for Ukraine, tighten sanctions and free ourselves from Russian fossil fuels,” he said.

He pointed out that 50 billion cubic meters of gas annually from the United States would transfer 1/3 of all Russian gas supplies to Europe.

– This morning, US President Joe Biden and I agreed to a new energy partnership. The United States will supply an additional 15 billion cubic meters of LNG this year. In the coming years, we are targeting at least 50 billion cubic meters per year. Van der Leyen said it would replace 1/3 of all Russian gas supplies to Europe.

He stressed the need for the EU to complete the pipeline infrastructure and increase gas savings. – This will be our insurance policy against interruptions in deliveries. It is time to look at the shape of our energy market as well. We will present the proposals in May – said the head of the European Commission.

He explained that the root cause of high electricity prices was high and volatile gas prices. – So we will join forces, unite our needs and use our collective bargaining power when buying gas – Van der Leyen stressed.

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He added that EU leaders had given special permission to Spain and Portugal to manage their own electricity prices. The head of the European Commission said this was possible because the two countries had a relatively large share of renewable energy sources in their energy mixes and had very little contact with other parts of the EU stage.

“We have agreed to a possible special treatment for the Iberian Peninsula so that the Iberian Peninsula can cope with this particular situation and manage electricity prices,” said Van der Leyen.

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