US Open Golf 2022 LIVE: Leaderboard and latest results from the final round

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The final round of the 2022 US Open is here as Will Zalatores and Matt Fitzpatrick share the lead at 4 in Brooklyn, while defending champion John Ram is only one shot behind.

Roaring test conditions ensured that the country club showed its teeth over the course of the week, with only nine players on a par, including Rory McIlroy, who battled through a grueling third round to stay in contention at -1 despite opening yesterday with more than three. Equal score for his first seven holes. World number 1 Scotty Scheffler briefly got a -6 when he stowed from 102 yards for an Eagle in the eighth, but the American fell sharply, producing a double bogey in season 11 with two more stealths, even though the Masters champ is just two back and poised. To take advantage of the great situation in case the leaders falter. Other names to watch include house favourite, former PGA Championship winner Keegan Bradley, who is under two years old, as well as Canadian Adam Hadwin, and those in pole position hoping to climb up the leaderboard are Sam Burns and Joel Dahmen.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it [winning]. “It would just mean this world,” said Fitzpatrick, who could become the first non-American person to win both the U.S. Amateur and the U.S. Open. “It’s a special place for me and going one step further and winning the US Open here would be even more special. The American amateurs have been one of the biggest accomplishments of my career and still are, and if I win a major here I will definitely surpass it. My family is in town, I have two friends here too. And the family I’m staying with is fun too, so I’m going to have a lot of distractions that will be fine with being late. I’m excited to give myself another chance in a major after just a month, I’m really proud of the way I played.” Follow all the action from the fourth and final round of the US Open below:


US Open 2022: Latest Final Round Results

Fitzpatrick ran the tee in the sixth minute, and although the ball held onto the green, he left with a horrific 66-foot shot and down the slope toward the leading right edge. It gives her a cool look but she goes above the flag and runs a good 5 feet. Back up the hill lips this is his first ghost of the day.

At 8, Scheffler grabs the second in level 5 tactile fat and rolls all the way down the false front.

Tom KershawJune 19, 2022 21:00


US Open 2022: Latest Final Round Results

It’s starting to look a lot like a two-horse race between Scheffler and Fitzpatrick.

Zalatoris at least managed to get himself back into the rearview mirror despite a fine shot at the sixth tee. It should be just a simple click to get it back to -3, however, there is absolutely nothing routine with the elusive American hit.

Tom KershawJun 19 2022 20:56


US Open 2022: Latest Final Round Results

Fitzpatrick puts down two for Birds and reclaims his share of the lead.

Schaeffler couldn’t get close to his second goal in the seventh and had to settle for equality. He quickly makes up for it with a massive drive down the fairway in the 5th par-8th.

Tom KershawJun 19 2022 20:53


Tom KershawJun 19 2022 20:43


US Open 2022: Latest Final Round Results

McIlroy walks down the hole and this is his third bogey of the round. Now he’s back with five bullets and his hopes seem out of reach.

Tom KershawJun 19 2022 20:38


US Open 2022: Latest Final Round Results

Scheffler looks like a possessed man now. After that great six shot, he’s rolling in a 14-foot sock up the hill in search of a bird. World No. 1 from four to six! driving with one.

Tom KershawJun 19 2022 20:37


US Open 2022: Latest Final Round Results

Meanwhile, McIlroy’s roller coaster shows no sign of slowing down. He had three birds and two ghosts in six holes and now he’s pulling his lead in the thick stuff on the seventh day. The rough grabs in his club and style come short and left. The pitch isn’t great from there although they have a fair amount of green space to work with and will have another hard hit on the slopes to try and save on an equal footing.

Tom KershawJun 19 2022 20:35


US Open 2022: Latest Final Round Results

Schaeffler hits a great shot at six and he’ll have another flying chance there.

Ram goes into the green on the short fifth but pulls it badly and will now have a tough slice of a slope on a green slope that slopes away from him.

Tom KershawJun 19 2022 20:32


Tom KershawJune 19, 2022 20:30


US Open 2022: Latest Final Round Results

Dahmen joins the group at -2 with Bird on the seventh. There are currently six players at this level and they all surely stand a chance.

Tom KershawJune 19, 2022 20:30

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