United States. Plan on Belarus’ joint responsibility for the occupation of Ukraine

“Belarus acknowledges thousands of Russian troops to defend its border with Ukraine. The United States must make it clear that any country that supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will face strong economic and diplomatic sanctions,” he wrote in a statement. Release.

What is the bill about? Its assumptions include the imposition of sanctions on Belarus or any other country that “supports Russia’s continued unprovoked aggression against Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

It also includes information on sanctions if Russia cooperates in the invasion of Ukraine. According to the plan’s assumptions, this cooperation would not only provide direct participation in the war, but also provide Moscow with “material, tactical or other support,” allowing it to deploy Russian troops, cooperating with Russian intelligence, or exchanging weapons used in the purchase or invasion.

“It is easier to stop a war that has not started than to end a war in progress. This is a strong position that the United States will take to confront Russia and Belarus, which continue to pose a threat to Ukraine’s independence,” Longford said.

Source: Twitter

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