Ukrainian grain export embargo lifted. There is a preliminary agreement

“We have taken an important step to resume Ukrainian grain exports across the Black Sea,” UN chief Antonio Guterres said after the quadrilateral talks in Istanbul. Representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and representatives of the United Nations participated in the talks.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Agar explained that the preliminary agreement reached in Istanbul was accepted Establishment of a coordination centerGuaranteed Safe grain transportation routes.

The parties to the contract jointly agreed Patrol the bays and control grainAnd a formal agreement will be signed next week when representatives meet again Akara declares.

Of course this is the first meeting and the progress is very encouraging. (…) Hopefully the next steps will allow us to reach a formal agreement – Guterres said, but noted that technical work is still needed to implement the progress achieved in Wednesday’s talks.

Ukraine This is A huge one World Grain Exporters, mainly by sea. Millions of tons of grain are currently stored in ports along the Black Sea coast blocked by Russian ships.

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