Ukrainian BTR-4 after encountering a mine. The Russians couldn’t believe it

A recording has been posted online from the eastern flank, where one of the Ukrainian BTR-4 armored personnel carriers returns to base after hitting a Russian mine. According to the Ukrainska Pravda portal, the incident took place in the Luhansk region. Zelensky’s soldiers were returning to their positions from the mission, but at one point an explosive exploded under the wheels of a heavy truck. Despite the heavy damage, this did not stop the army machine from covering a distance of about 23 km. The vehicle survived the blast and the crew survived. However, the force of the explosion was powerful. Every one of the tires were destroyed, communication with command was broken, and the radars were not working properly. Not to mention a lot of mechanical damage. However, this confirms that the Ukrainian-made BTR-4 is difficult to remove from the front. The quality of the equipment could put the Russians to shame. In this type of vehicles, the Armed Forces of Ukraine perform their assigned tasks during the day and at night. Interestingly, the BTR-4 also has the ability to cross water barriers. Swimming capability was achieved by installing two steerable propellers and a liftable breakwater. Additionally, this vehicle at the front crosses 2 km wide ditches. It works in a temperature range of -40 to +55 degrees Celsius.

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