Ukrainian artillery system hunts down Russian soldiers. They have a new rocket launcher – The Witcher

The ingenuity of the Ukrainian army and engineers during the ongoing war is well known. The Ukrainians have repeatedly repurposed spy drones to carry out combat missions. One such example The quadrocopter is suitable for carrying multiple RKG-3 anti-tank grenades.

Recently, materials have appeared, in which we see a lightweight multi-lead rocket launcher, which is transported by a pick-up. Ukrainian engineers and mechanics to build these military equipment parts from a damaged BM-21 Grad system. The lightweight nine-rail rocket launcher is called “The Witcher” by the Ukrainian military.

There were videos on social media showing the upgraded multi-lead rocket launchers using 80mm S-8 air-to-air missiles. The weapon was mounted on pick-up trucks. According to experts, these mobile 12-tube rocket launchers lack the performance of 122 mm BM-21 Grad systems. These improved systems can be successfully used to attack targets at close range.


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