Ukraine will receive the Patriot system from the United States. Media: It will be moved from Poland

As the daily writes, Biden made the decision after “a series of high-level meetings and internal discussions” on how to meet Ukraine’s air defense needs without affecting U.S. combat readiness.

Eventually it was decided The system will be moved from PolandWhere – as the newspaper says – “Protected the rotational force of American soldiers returning to the United States“.

It is not clear if this is a rotation of existing players. The National Security Council spokesperson was asked about this John Kirby declined to confirm the reports.

“NYT” reports The main problem for management is where to send the computer to Ukraine. Because other people need them. American troops in the Middle East, and The Pentagon does not want to move those stationed in the United States.

The matter will be discussed during the NATO defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels next week.

War in Ukraine. America inspires other countries

So far, the United States has sent a patriotic organization to Ukraine, like Germany and the Netherlands. However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that he would send another, which would be delivered to Ukraine by the end of June.

Washington hopes the announcement will come Air defense has long been one of Ukraine’s most pressing needs, encouraging other countries to take similar measures. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin has openly said that the United States is negotiating to donate other countries’ systems to Ukraine.

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