Ukraine. Russians destroy evidence of crime. The photos show the truth

They appeared online New photos of MAXAR technician, periodically publishes images taken by its satellites. These are Depicts the activities of the Russians in Ukraine And the truth about the crimes of Russian soldiers. A fact that the Russians diligently try to hide.

The latest Photographs compare the situation in occupied Mariupol. The photographs were taken eight months apart – in March and November. That was enough for the players from Russia Demolition of large part of residential buildings In a city targeted by Russian missiles.

All this to “hide” the traces of the crimes committed by the Russians. of war. Interestingly – Russia not only demolishes, but also builds.

were in the city A new building has a campaign inscription Declaration: “Creation of a Russian army for the people of Mariupol.” Experts suggest that it may have been built on purpose – in a part of the city observed through satellite lenses.

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However, the truth about crimes cannot be hidden. About The extent of the tragedy is demonstrated by comparative photographs of the cemetery In Mariupol. It has grown unimaginably since March.

The presence of the occupier is proven by photographs of the theater in Mariupol, up to 600 people could die in the rubble. In March, the bombed-out building became visible, now surrounded by a “fence” several meters high, which looks like the walls of the building.

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