Ukraine. Mariupol: Russians are rebuilding theater

Advisor to the Mayor Mariupol Petro Andriushchenko Via the Telegram website, he reported that the Russian occupiers were rebuilding the destroyed city in the city. Theater.

“The occupiers cover up their own military crimes – Almost 600 civilians were massacred in the Mariupol theater. They rush to remove all traces and evidence through ‘reconstruction’. Hiding ‘historical value’ he wrote.

According to Andryusheno, the building has no historical or architectural value. “Like all constructions typical of the Soviet era. The only historical value is that two bombs fell on the building. It is this historical value that the occupiers are now trying to hide“- added.

After starting War in Ukraine The Donetsk Academic Regional Theater served as a shelter for residents of Mariupol whose homes were destroyed by Russian attacks. In March, Russian inscriptions were placed on both sides of the building “Kids” to make it clear that civilians are inside.. On March 16, there could be up to 1,300 people inside The theater was bombed.

According to information provided by the Mariupol city council, about 300 civilians were killed as a result of the Russian attack. The Associated Press later estimated that more people had been killed than initially indicated after the attack. It is estimated that almost all were killed there 600 people.

The Russians attacked the Mariupol theater Brigade “Azov”It is now recognized as a “terrorist organization” in Russia.

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