Ukraine. Kadyrowiec broadcast live during the fire. He was killed within minutes [WIDEO] | World news

Chechen mercenaries are sent to fight for Ramadan Garo War in Ukraine To support the occupation Russia. Intelligence data and conversations from Russians intercepted at the front show that the so-called Kadyrovs are mainly in the rear, terrorizing residents of areas occupied by the invaders.

They are also very active on social media – they often share videos of their “activities”. Shooting at trees or shooting a train that isn’t even on the tracks. For this reason, the Kadyrovskys were called “troops tiktokowych “(from the name of the site where the posts are shared). As the BBC wrote, TikTok Ukraine became the main platform for disseminating fake news about the war.

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A foreign intelligence agency intercepted the Russians’ conversation: the soldiers knew about the Kremlin’s lies. “Propaganda works with us”

War in Ukraine. Kadyrowiec was broadcasting live. Minutes later a rocket hit his hideout

As they say Ukrainian media, “Kadirovtsi fighting in Ukraine killed during live broadcast”. Earlier, a Chechen soldier broadcast gunfire from Ukrainian soldiers Army. This recording shows that the soldier is calm and seems unafraid to attack. At one point, Kadyrowiec says the word “Ahmad” means “strength”. It is a term used by Chechens in honor of the former president of the country, Akhmat Kadyrov. Politician He was killed in an attack in 2004 and was succeeded by his son Ramzan Kadyrov.

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A Russian soldier calls his wife from prison. “I don’t have time” [WIDEO]

Shortly after saying these words, a missile lands where the soldier is hiding. The video shows the explosion. According to Ukrainian media, the man died shortly after.

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This is not the first such situation at the forefront. At the end of April, Ukrainian journalist Viktor Kovalenko announced that the commander of the Kadyrovtsy division had died as a result of being hit by a missile during his live broadcast. Chechen troops carried out a very successful mission, the man said in the video.

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