Ukraine. Explosion at Russian Air Force Base in Crimea Satellite images, burnt planes, extent of damage

Satellite images show the aftermath of the Novofedorivka explosion, in which several Russian warplanes were destroyed at an air base in Crimea, the BBC reported. Photographs showing the extent of the damage were taken by two American companies – Planet Labs and Maxer Technologies. These photos show that the bulk of the damage is in an open area, beyond the hangars, where a large number of fighters were stationed.

Tuesday at the military airport A series of explosions took place in Novofedorivka. After the blast, ammunition stores and the runway caught fire. Ukraine No one has claimed responsibility for the incident, but new evidence suggests the possibility of a deliberate attack, the BBC reported.

Satellite photos show burned Russian fighters

The British public broadcaster released photographs from the American Planet Labs, showing large areas of Earth charred by fires and explosions. The base’s main runways are intact, but at least eight Russian fighter jets appear to have been damaged or destroyed. Blast craters are also clearly visible.

Most of the damage was in an area where a large number of fighters had previously been stationed – an open area, beyond the hangars.

Photographs from Planet Labs before and after the blast are the first independent confirmation that the base may have been damaged. So far, information about the effects of the eruption is limited.

US satellite operator Maxar Technologies also provided before-and-after satellite images of the explosion.

Explosions in Crimea, unclear circumstances of the event

The BBC notes that it is still unclear how the foundation was damaged. Russia It says the explosions were caused by detonation of explosives in violation of fire safety rules.

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Ukraine rejected Russian officials’ explanations, but at the same time did not claim responsibility for the incident. The Ukrainian Air Force says more than ten Russian fighter jets have been destroyed. This information is contradicted by officials in Moscow, who say that no aircraft were damaged in the explosions. Photos released by Planet Labs suggest the Russian news is not true.

Explosions in CrimeaPAP / EPA / Press Office of the President of Crimea

Russian basis – “purely legitimate purpose”

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace rejected Russia’s explanation that the explosions were caused by a breach of fire safety rules. “We have rejected most of the Russian excuses,” he said.

He suggested that England The facts of the incident are still in the early stages of investigation, but the airbase was a “proper legitimate target” for the Ukrainian military as it was used to bomb targets in Ukraine.

Any Ukrainian attack on Crimea is seen as an escalation of the war. Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev Last month, Ukraine warned of “immediate doomsday” if it invaded Crimea.

Main photo source: Reuters / Maxer Technologies

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