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Reports that the Russians fired bombs from the so-called Flute appeared in late April. “Fleszetka” is known since the First World War. They are rarely used in modern conflicts. As previously reported by the “Guardian” journalists, the Russians used them during the attack on Pucha.

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– We found some thin nail-like objects on the bodies of men and women – Władysław Pirowski from Ukraine, told the Guardian last month. Doctor Forensics. “They are so hard to find on the body because they are so thin,” he added.

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According to witnesses to the crime in Buxa, the missiles were fired by Russian artillery a few days before the withdrawal. Troops From this town. Ukrainian ombudsman Ludmila Denisova said metal bullets had been found in the bodies of those killed in Buxa.

Residents of Bucza and Irpień discovered deadly “flutes”

Although human rights organizations have long called for a ban on the use of “flute”, these explosives have not been banned by international law.

Crime in Buxa. Arrow ammunition was found on the bodies of the residents

He wrote about “fleszetkach” on May 15, but this time found in Irpień CNN. – You can not take them out with your hands, you must use pliers – says American TV Wołodymyr Klimaszewski. Residence He showed the wall of his house to the press. These are all marked by small metal arrows. On March 5, during the Russian offensive, Klimassevsky reported that he had been lying on the ground beyond the windows. The “flute” was scattered throughout the area as the missile struck the house next door. Also, Andżelika Kołomiec and Igor Nowatny, after returning from Irpień, found metal darts in the garden and on the roof of the house. As they say, missiles are found everywhere. – Some stuck to the roof, but most were scattered throughout the area – said Novotny.

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Residents of Andriyivka (about 40 km from Irbine) told reporters that they had encountered a “meatball” scattered on the road.

Crimes against civilians. Amnesty International report

Last week, Amnesty International released a report on the events in Buxa and the Kiev region. The organization included evidence of war crimes committed by Russians in Ukraine.

This is the first such detailed report since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. In it, Amnesty International presents evidence of executions of civilians executed by Russians in Pusa and other cities in the Kiev region. The organization also reports bombings on home gardens by Russians.

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