Ukraine: A Russian ship sailed into the Black Sea

He said the start of a new week could bring new Russian missile strikes Natalia Humeniuk On Ukrainian television, the Ukrainian editorial office of Radio Svoboda quoted.

– Na Black Sea Appeared on combat duty for the first time in many days Missile ship. It is a surface-to-surface missile carrying eight caliber missiles, the spokesman said.

In addition, other ships armed with missiles are at the bases and “can be put into service within a few hours” – said Humeniuk.

Ukrainian authorities They feel it Russia He said in a speech on Sunday evening that Ukraine was preparing new missile strikes and “will not rest” as long as the missiles remain. President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In April, the Russian missile cruiser Moscow, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, sank in the Black Sea.

Cruiser “Moscow” is considered one of the most powerful Russian ships in the Black Sea. He actively participated in the initial stages of the invasion of Ukraine, including the attack on the worst Snake Island. In the later stages of the war, she was less active because she was a ship designed to fight other ships.

According to US experts cited by CNN, the loss of the cruiser is a huge blow to the Russian Armed Forces.

“Just losing a submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles or the Kuznetsov (Russia’s only aircraft carrier) would be a huge blow to Russian morale and the reputation of the Navy in Russian society,” he said. Retired US Navy Captain Carl SchusterFormer Director of Operations, US Pacific Command Joint Intelligence Center.

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