Turnaround in Slovenia. We know partial results of the presidential race

Currently, Birk Musar is with 54.09 percent, according to partial results. He defeated Anze Logar, a conservative candidate backed by the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), which relinquished power in April following failed parliamentary elections. In the second round, Logar received 45.91 percent support. Voters.

“This is the biggest project of my life,” Birk Musar said after the voting was over, but before the results were announced. – Of course, we expect success. We worked with volunteers for five months – he added.

“The results of these elections will show how important it is for citizens to talk about positive things for the future of Slovenia,” said Logar, who is expected to win the elections. After partial results were announced, the conservative candidate’s staff still expressed confidence in victory.

If the results so far are confirmed, Natasza Pirc Musar will become Slovenia’s first female president. Who is a candidate? In the first round of the election on October 23, he lost to Logar (34 to 27 percent)., supported by leftist and ecological circles. Pirc Musar has previously been a TV presenter, National Information Commissioner and President of the Slovenian Red Cross. During his legal career, he represented among others Former US President Melania Trump’s wife.

According to PKW data, the voter turnout was around 41 percent, but when the votes are counted, it is likely to increase. After conversion of almost all the votes cast, the results will be announced earlier 21.

Nearly 1.7 million of the country’s 2.1 million citizens are eligible to vote in Sunday’s presidential election to choose a successor to two-term Social Democratic Party leader Borut Bahor.

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The new president will be sworn in on December 23.

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