Trevor Storey grabbed the title by former Boston Red Sox Johnny Gomez in Monster Seats

Boston – captain of the second Red Sox team Trevor’s story Again Friday night – this time with a former Boston player sitting atop Green Monster.

Storey, who had three home runs in Boston’s victory on Thursday, started major slams to give the Red Sox a 4-0 lead over Seattle in the third inning.

Former Red Sox player Johnny Gomez is back in motion as well, sitting atop the green monster rather than playing in front of it.

Seated in the front row above the fabled left court wall of Fenway Park, 41-year-old Gomez, who played for the 2013 World Championship team in Boston, stood up and moved a step or two to his right before blocking the ball against him. his body. He pumped his fist and took the fan by his side.

Was he expecting to get a running ball?

“Yes,” Gomez said with a big smile, with the ball sitting on the table in front of him. “That’s why I’m here. These are the best seats in the game.”

Gomez does some TV work for the Red Sox cable outlet. He said he was the first Homer to be captured.

“When I come to town and I don’t do before or after [game]I beg them for these seats.”

Gomez said he nearly caught Housewife Story III on Thursday.

When asked what he would do with his prized possessions, he said, “I’ll have Trevor sign it and take it home.”

His former teammate Will Middlebrooks noted, “Jonny Gomez caught Trevor Storey’s Grand Slam. He tackled it…but still important.”

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The Red Sox eventually won the matches, for the third time in a row, 7-3.

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