Trevor Noah interviewed Daily Show reporters about hosting

Trevor Noah met with every Daily Show reporter about hosting

Trevor Noah
picture: Andrea Renault/AFP (Getty Images)

Trevor Noah’s time The Daily Show quickly It’s coming to an end, and the names of his replacements have already been thrown into the ring. Reporter Roy Wood Jr. He is the frontrunner for the title, but some reports have suggested that he is more than one person He could end up behind the desk. Comedy Central boss Chris McCarthy “indicates his phone was ringing with interested parties” in a new profile for Hollywood Reporter. Noah seemed to have no say in the decision, but he was making sure of it for him The team knows what they are getting into if they are tapped to host.

said the comedian THR who sat with him alone All correspondents (“Most of them handpicked, and they’re all close”) to give 411 credits on what a hosting party it is truly Such as. “I wish someone had told me how hard it was,” he explains to the outlet. “You run the show too, so everything from human resources to set design, you’re a part of it, and it doesn’t stop when you leave the building. There’s never a moment when breaking news happens where I go, ‘Oh, wow, I don’t care.’ No, it must.” Attention me. Being told is part of my job.”

How depreciating the role is, in addition to his commitments to his book deal, Stand tableand running a production company, are all part of Noah’s raison d’être I decided to quit smoking. However, he apologized for making the news public, and The Daily Show Team, Basicand its representatives at the same time. (“Part of the reason I did it this way is because I didn’t want anyone to be the one to tell someone else, and then tell someone else, and then tell someone else,He shares.)

Now he enjoys the freedom to do whatever he wants, highlighting opportunities to do voice-over work and write his own screenplays in his conversation with THR. “I’d like to Make great moviesAnd I would like to act in some of them, but I think stardom is a by-product of a job well done, so it’s not something I’m too concerned about,” he says. A few meals without a break.”

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