Travis Kelce on Super Bowl ring mistake: We messed up something that meant nothing

The Chiefs received their Super Bowl rings last week, and it was quickly noticed on social media It contains an error. The Dolphins were listed as the No. 7 seed inside the ring, even though Miami was the No. 6 seed.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, while admitting the mistake, doesn’t care.

“I don’t care,” Kelsey said on New Heights with his brother Jason. “I like that we didn’t care about what Miami was. Yeah they were in seventh place who cares? They couldn’t have put any seeds next to them and I would have been fine.”

“I think that makes it more unique,” ​​Oh yeah, and we made it really more detailed. ‘And oops, we messed up.’ It makes it even more exclusive. We screwed up at something that means nothing.”

It’s Kelce’s third Super Bowl ring, and despite having 505 round diamonds, 19 baguette diamonds, 5 marquise diamonds, and 38 genuine rubies, it’s not his favorite. But this has nothing to do with the ring’s defect.

“Last year was my favorite,” Kelsey said. “The top of the ring comes in. It has a clasp, [so] You can wear it in different ways.

“I think if I wanted to wear rings that somehow represented this team or the Super Bowl, I would probably wear that clasp on a necklace before I put on that big ass bell.”

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