Transplant surgery. Pig heart transplantation

In several hours surgery Doctors transplanted the deceased patients a little earlier Two hearts taken from pigs. Body parts were then monitored for 3 days.

At the time Doctors did not notice any signs of transplant rejectionA hearts Only worked properly with standard drugs.

The success achieved is great 10 Effect of genetic mutationsThey were subjected to it animals. They disabled 4 porcine genes and added 6 human genes. Thanks to this, it was possible to avoid transplant rejection and achieve better cooperation with the human body. A new type of procedure was used to protect against possible infections caused by swine viruses.

showed no evidence of infection control Porcine cytomegalovirusNeither are hidden ones Porcine retrovirusesYou might be worried.

– Our goal is to integrate the routine procedures of normal, everyday heart transplantation using normally functioning zoonotic organs without the additional support of untested devices or drugs. We are going to demonstrate that clinical trials can be initiated A new source of elements and proven alternative methodsAnd we have refined it NYU Langone Institute for Transplantation“- emphasizes the person administering the treatments Dr. Nader Mosami.

– This is the first step towards a deeper understanding of the mechanical, molecular and immunological aspects of cardiac xenotransplantation and the possibility of using standard clinical procedures and tools in them – one of the experts, Dr. Alex Reyndowicz.

Experts from the American group explain that transplants are performed on deceased patients Critical research methodologyIt allows you to get the necessary information. Thank them in future Lives can be saved.

– Our main goal is to overcome the shortage of available organs Creating new options for over 100,000 people The whole world is waiting for a life-saving gift – says Prof. Robert MontgomeryDirector of the Transplant Institute at NYU Langone.

– The whole body donation paradigm – when organ donation is not an option – is critical to the advancement of this work. We are very grateful to the families who agreed to participate in this study. Tests can save thousands of lives – underlines.

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