Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands joins the Elden Ring in mimicry of the imaginary wall

I’ve been playing Wonders of Tiny Tina specially Take breaks From elden ring. But here I am at lunch today, looting guns and killing in Gearbox’s new Borderlands show, and what do I find? tricky wall. I can’t escape them!

elden ring It hit the headlines (surprise) two weeks ago when players discovered The ‘super’ trick wall is now infamous. Unlike most fake one-hit barriers elden ring, This brutality requires 50 massive hits before it disappears. It’s very likely a bug, but it’s a reminder of how many actual Mock walls are scattered throughout the sprawling Lands Between and many of the previous games in FromSoftware’s catalog.

Wonders of Tiny TinaOn the other hand, it is not a completely hidden game. In fact, it’s in your face as it comes. So imagine my surprise when I moved the camera across the wall and saw the ‘melee’ message appear. I said “please don’t”. “Please, my God, no.” I slid the wall and evaporated gradually in a very FromSoft way, and knew, then and there, that I would need to find every single one of these treacherous barriers—for behind that particular wall was one Wonders“Lucky Dice. These collectibles not only unlock a boost of loot when hit, but also permanently increase your chance of finding high-quality items. They’re well worth looking for!”

In the video above, you can watch my idiot ass searching a confined area under a cathedral for 55 seconds before I discover Gearbox’s betrayal. That ethereal resonant noise wafting at the bottom of the stairs is a telltale sign of a near-death Lucky Die, so naturally I’m scrubbing the entire area.

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Apparently, there are quite a few such insincere drawbacks in Wonders. And while they are certainly not a reference to elden ring (That’d be a nice addition in the eleventh hour of the Gearbox part), they’re probably poking fun at one of FromSoftware’s time-honoured traditions — dating back to the likes of the deathAnd the Wolfenstein 3Dand best suited, dungeons and dragons. The last deep dive vice They explored the history of mock walls, and how their name, if not their modern function, originated in the notable tabletop role-playing property.

considering that WondersThe central narrative and the design vanity is that it unfolds within a tabletop campaign (as the paranoid herself imagines it), the illusory walls make sense in this imaginative fun.

This doesn’t bother me too much, though!

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