They broke the “Hamas front line”. Fierce fighting in the north [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

Our ground forces have breached the Hamas defense line in northern Gaza; Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari announced on Wednesday that the operation was proceeding as planned. Defense Minister Jove Gallant said “thousands of terrorists” had already been killed.

“Thanks to advance planning, accurate intelligence information and coordinated attacks (from land, air and sea), our forces broke the Hamas defense front line in the north of the Gaza Strip,” Hagari said, as quoted by The Times of Israel.

Israel-Palestine War© Eastern News | IDF

Commander-in-Chief of the Israel Defense Forces (Hebrew abbreviation – Kahal) Herzi Halevi said the army “is fighting the enemy on their territory, attacking the same places where they worked on their projects and the same areas where the evil terrorists came from. .”

“So far, we have inflicted heavy losses on the enemy and damaged the terrorists’ infrastructure. We are searching, finding and killing those who participated in the murderous massacre and those who sent them,” Halevi added about the attack on Israel. On October 7, Palestine was expelled by Hamas militants.

Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip© Eastern News | Abed Khaled

The Israeli Defense Minister also said on Wednesday that the operation was proceeding as planned. “Heavy battles are taking place in the Gaza Strip. Kahal is making progress on the road to defeating Hamas (…) More than 10,000 rounds of ammunition have been dropped on Gaza City, thousands of targets have been hit, thousands of facilities have been destroyed, and thousands of terrorists have been eliminated,” he said.

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